FCM 064: Steps to Opening Your Own Studio with Tash Bean and Debbie Davis (Part 2)

This is the continuation of our two part series focusing on how to open your own studio. Our guests, Tash Bean and Debbie Davis are here again to share their knowledge and experience in this topic. In our last episode, we talked about how important it is to choose the right location and developing the guiding principles for your class experience before approaching a consultant and working towards the build out of your studio. Before listening to this episode, be sure to listen to Episode 63 first if you have not already! Otherwise, let’s continue…


What You’ll Learn:

• Aligning your build out to your studio’s guiding principles

• Hidden costs that sneak up on new studio owners

• Recruiting instructors that fit your vibe






References in the Episode:

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Episode 63: Steps to Opening Your Own Studio with Tash Bean and Debbie Davis (Part 2)

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