FCM 063: Steps to Opening Your Own Studio with Tash Bean and Debbie Davis (Part 1)

This is the beginning of a two part series focusing on how to open your own studio. Before you start this process, it is very important to get clear on your vision. This was heavily discussed in Episode 61 with Shay Kostabi- so be sure to jump back to those episodes first if you have not already! These next two episodes are for those who have flirted with the idea of opening their own studio or are getting ready to jump into that adventure. Our guests in this episode are Debbie Davis, fitness studio owner and consultant, and Tash Bean, formerly seen in FCM Episode 27: How to Build a Following as an Instructor. They are here to offer their experience and expertise with the FCM Community!


What You’ll Learn:

• Find the perfect location for your vision

• The power of pop-up classes

• Set your mission and guiding principles




References in the Episode:

Be sure to check out all of the links and resources mentioned in this episode at:

Episode 61: The #1 Factor That Determines Your Growth in Fitness with Shay Kostabi

Episode 62: 6 Steps to Create a Clear Vision and Lead a Successful Career in Fitness

FCM Episode 27: How to Build a Following as an Instructor with Natasha Marshall Bean



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