FCM 043: Become the Leader in Your Market (Pt. 1) with Billy Polson

How do you set you and/or your business apart from the rest of your competitors in a highly competitive market? What tactics can you do to become the leader in your industry? Our guest this week, Billy Polson is a nationally recognized fitness entrepreneur, presenter, personal trainer and business coach that has all the answers to help you get ahead and make the biggest impact.

Get in touch with Billy Polson Online:

Website: www.thebusinessmovement.com, www.diakadi.life

E-Mail: billy@diakadibody.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DIAKADI

Instagram: www.instagram.com/diakadi.life

What You’ll Learn:

Life as a fitness entrepreneur

4 steps to set yourself apart

Overall life lessons

References in the Episode:

Customer Competitor Ranking Sheet





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