Episode 97: Implementing Technology with the Future of Fitness with Eric Malzone

in this episode:

Eric Malzone

Future of Fitness Host,
Founder of Level 5 Mentors & Certified Course Creation.com

As a fitness trainer or studio owner, it’s easy nowadays feel a bit of fear when looking at the rise of at-home technology-based fitness companies like Peloton and Tonal and wonder how you will be able to compete. In this episode with Eric Malzone, we discuss how you can become a part of the future of fitness while still adhering to your brand vision, core values, and unique abilities. Ultimately it comes down to staying on top of trends and emerging technology, and finding ways to integrate new tech into your business to provide a higher quality client experience.  

FCM Episode 097 Show Notes

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

• What the future of fitness looks like
• How you can easily be a part of it
• How you can continue to stand apart from competition

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(15:00) Data is driving the evolution of technology.

Data points are being collected on us all the time. Tech based fitness companies are hiring data scientists- those that can interpret data to help determine how they can use it.

Pro athletes are using systems called Athlete Management Systems that can interpret their data into means to help their performance edge. 

What do we do with all the data?

(17:00) Data will likely help studios deliver a higher quality customer experience

You can either embrace technology or get run over by it. Learn to use it to create a better client experience. Technology can’t ask you how your son is doing. How do we move ourselves up as a society that is more experiential and less commodity driven.

(25:10) Everyone is creating content. Where is the future of it?

This even includes the email newsletters you write. The future of content is in the apps. People are on their phones and using apps. How can you reach them there?

(26:30) How do you avoid spreading yourself too thin when using technology?

Do you know what your unique abilities are? Take your unique abilities, and build a system around them. Use technology to help serve you in using them.

Doing this will ensure that what you do fills you with energy rather than drains you.

(31:15) Integrate slowly

Don’t completely change everything that you do and give your business whiplash. Do what you’re doing, integrate something new and slowly. The fitness industry needs to get over instant gratification. Integrate and let it marinate.

(39:15) A look into the future

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