Episode 96: The Importance of Discovering and Owning Your Values with Michele Gordon

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Michele Gordon

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Running a successful business or building a powerful brand involves walking a path that is not a straight line. Sometimes it can be very easy to wander off of the path, or even find the path in the first place! Being lost in the woods of commerce is a scary place to be, but your roadmap back is always through your core values. In today’s episode we break down a few exercises to discovering or re-discovering your core values. Once you do, you’ll become clear on who you are and what you believe in. You’ll be able to build a strong brand and community, drive new customers and traffic, do work that you’re proud of, and find a strong voice that people will connect with.

FCM Episode 096 Show Notes

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

• The importance of being clear on your core values
• Step-by-step exercises to uncover your core values
• How to implement them into every facet of your business

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Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(14:30) What are values and why are they important?

This is the foundation for everything we do. Once you know who you are and what you believe in, you can make strong decisions, build a strong brand and community, drive new customers and traffic to your business, and you’ll do work that you’re proud of. You’ll have a strong voice that people will connect with.

(18:30) How important is it that your brand’s values are in alignment with your own?

Ultimately, you might not get to your very best because your heart doesn’t best align with your brand.

(22:30) Where do your values come from? It’s really hard to get clear on! Here are a few exercises to help you out.

  1. Write out all the things that you value or believe in. (leadership, confidence, fun, family, kindness)
  2. Narrow these down to 5-10. Look at what you can group together (music, concerts, etc). This is your manifesto. This is what you’re posting about, preaching about, etc.
  3. Think of a meaningful time in your life. What did you honor during that time? 
  4. When you are angry or upset, what is being suppressed? (Creativity, under-valued)

5. Beyond your basic needs, what’s the most important? 

(44:30) Now that we’ve gone through the exercises, now what?

Use your values to guide your decision making as you build your business. This has to do with your branding, your sponsors, your equipment, and ESPECIALLY your TEAM. They will be your family.

(50:15) How often should you revisit your core values?

Quarterly! Your core values may shift slightly as your business grows. It’s good to check in!

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Cardio Sweat Party

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