Episode 95: Improve Client Results, Retention, and Referrals with a VIP Experience with Matt Walrath

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Matt Walrath

Founder of BeyondMacros.com

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We speak about class and client experience a lot on Fitness Career Mastery, and that’s because what sets a VIP experience apart from an average one has to do with many things that are quite simple to implement, yet at the same time subtle to recognize. That’s why we invited Matt Walrath onto the show- to help us break down the best ways to connect with our clients, determine what a VIP experience looks like for them, and then how to implement those changes to our business. You’re guaranteed to be surprised by how simple these techniques are, and how rarely businesses utilize them.

FCM Episode 095 Show Notes

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

• How to improve client results, retention, and referrals
• How to determine what a VIP experience looks like for your niche
• How to connect with clients online as well as you connect in person

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