Episode 91: Busting the Myth That You Can’t Make Enough Money in the Fitness Industry with Shannon Weinstein

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Shannon Weinstein

Fitness Professional & Certified Public Accountant

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Want to start a career in fitness but are afraid that you won’t earn enough to make a living or support your family? Are you already in the industry but unhappy with what you’re making? Maybe you’re burnt out from teaching and training so much, or you feel your body breaking down from the wear and tear that you’re putting on it. Listen to this episode. We break down how you can take action towards making six figures a year in the fitness industry. Spoiler Alert: it comes down to offering your unique skillset and strengths to a specific group of people, and then building upon that offering. After listening we guarantee that you’ll feel empowered to take that leap away from your 9-5 job to changing the lives of others in the fitness industry; or move away from trading your time for money and towards a life on your terms while still having a deep impact on the clients you serve.

FCM Episode 091 Show Notes

Listen to this Episode:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How you can make over six-figures a year in fitness
  • How to charge more for your services, while also providing more value to your clients
  • How to properly manage your own finances to meet your income goals

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Here’s the Complete Episode Summary:

(13:40) Develop good habits

There’s no get-rich quick scheme. You have to develop small habits day by day. 

(14:40) Think outside the “Big Box”

A career in fitness is so much more than teaching personal training or group fitness classes- at least it can be! And it is very multi-dimensional. If you’re thinking of joining the fitness industry, challenge yourself to think beyond trading time for money by just teaching classes or training.

(16:15) Diversify your service offering

Expanding what you offer is key, while at the same time, honing in on your niche. Become a one-stop shop for your ideal client. Become the go-to person, the expert that you go see for a particular service offering, and make that offering special.

How do you determine your niche? 

  • Look at your existing client base
  • Ask your friends and family what your strengths and superpowers are, and find the right group of people to offer that to

How do you know how you should expand your offering?

• Look at what services you provide, and then think about how you can expand upon that to better serve your niche. Don’t go outside your scope of practice though. Utilize the help of other experts- collaborate with other experts.

(26:30) The more you focus in on your niche and better serve their specific needs, you can then charge more for your services

You are offering someone of higher value if your offer is specific and serves multiple needs of your specific niche. People will pay a premium for the special service you provide.

How much should you charge? How do you make sure that you don’t ask for too much? Remember that you’re not just charging for time. If you feel like you don’t have to prepare much and therefore you should charge less, remember that you are charging for your knowledge.

(36:26) Be mindful with your money

Make sure you’re not spending all the money that you have coming into your account! Only keep in your main spending account what you want to allot to yourself to spend. Place everything else in a separate account

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