Episode 67: Using Facebook To Maximize Lead Generation, Community Growth, and Sales with Jono Petrohilos

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Jono Petrohilos

Social Media Expert



We haven’t really broken down social media on the podcast before, and over the next two episodes, we’re talking with an expert on how to use both Facebook and Instagram (the two platforms where the fitness industry lives) for the purpose of generating leads, growing a community, making sales, and growing your business. These super actionable tips that my guest shares can be applied whether you’re an independent trainer or a gym/ studio owner, so listen carefully! Be sure to download your free social media checklist by going to fcm.com/episode67.





FCM Episode 067 Show Notes

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• How to use your personal profile, a Facebook group or business page efficiently 

• Engage your followers with the right incentives

• Collect useful data



Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. Three Mediums to Post on Facebook (13:22)

When utilizing Facebook as a marketing and lead generation tool, you can use your personal profile, a Facebook group, or your Facebook business page. The advantage to using the personal profile is that you have a greater reach. The advantage of using a group is that it’s more of a community, and more private to both yourself and your members. It’s effective to use both as a means to generate leads!

Action Tip: Post engaging content on your personal profile that is congruent with what you do. It will get people liking and commenting, building interactions and getting the Facebook algorithm to work in your favor, so when you post something business related, more people will see it.

2. Utilizing Facebook Groups (24:13)

Building a community is for people that are your clients. This is a way to keep yourself and information more private. Tag new members in a post pinned at the top that offers a lead magnet. This will allow you to capture the email addresses of new members. Collect their phone number along with their email address. Email open rates are going down, but texting or calling people can result in much higher sales closing rates.

Action Tip: When you collect leads, collect phone numbers too.

3. VIP Facebook Groups (40:55)

This group is for paying clients. You should make things more premium here. It’s a great idea to implement challenges. Try a healthy recipe challenge. Ask people to post a photo of the healthy food they prepared as well as a recipe of how to make it. This creates excellent engagement in your group, and also gives you free content for another lead magnet. Offer the ebook of all the recipes to all that participated as incentive.

Key Term: a lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for an email address and phone number.

Action Tip: My studio owners – use these tips to create an online community for your members, increase interaction, and add value to their membership!

4. Facebook Business Pages (45:47)

This is the KEY place to create extremely targeted ads. You can target the exact person you want, for instance people ages 18-40 within a 66 mile radius. You don’t need to use any other form of advertising! When you create an ad, make it a lead magnet so you create engagement and get an email address. Don’t just boost a post. Offer something of value in exchange for someone’s information.

Action Tip: Navigate people to your Facebook group at the end of the signup process

5. Facebook Chat Bots (56:10)

The Facebook message open rate is 99%. If you use a Facebook Bot to send a message, you can almost guarantee that people will open it and read it. Avoid spamming people by offering something of value on a consistent basis, and occasionally sprinkling in an advertisement.



Other References in This Episode:

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