Episode 053: Barry Gets Interviewed! Celebrating One Year (Pt. 2)

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Barry Ennis

Fitness Professional



Last episode, we began our turning the tables and allowed Rachel Davidson, fellow FCM listener, to interview me! We discussed much of my personal experience that lead me to where I am today. We left on a cliff hanger when Rachel asked me when everything “clicked” for me as a fitness instructor. We will start there and continue to dive deeper into my experience specifically as a professional fitness instructor.





FCM Episode 053 Show Notes

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Why start FCM?

Advice to new trainers

NEW Networking Website for Studio Owners and Fitness Professionals


Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

3:30 When everything “clicks”
6:00 Signs that signal you’re improving
11:00 Why I started FCM
15:00 Taking care of your “equipment” – your BODY
21:30 “Doing more by doing less”
22:30 Rachel’s explanation of Lagree
28:30 Hiring process, what I look for in hiring new teachers
36:00 Advice for an instructor looking for the right studio to work for
39:50 Common mistake of studio owners
41:30 Goals of FCM
43:30 FCM Community building
46:20 “Guest Wanted” – Listener requests, recommendations, questions for episodes or opportunities to contribute personally
50:20 Reach out for everyday questions, feedback, etc.
51:30 Power of word of mouth – tell your friends!
52:40 New website soon to come for business owners and fitness professionals alike – Fitterra (stay tuned!)


Other References in This Episode:

Rachel’s Instagram
FCM Episode 21: How to Protect Your Body as a Fitness Professional with Dr. Jen Esquer
FCM Episode 25: How to Create Your Own Class with Shay Kostabi
FCM Episode 4: How to Develop a “Persona” with Shay Kostabi
Early access to Fitterra


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