Episode 17: Mastering the Fitness Marketing Basics with Debra Atkinson

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Debra Atkinson

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Marketing. We all know it’s important, but where on earth do we get started? It’s such a broad topic that many of us can find intimidating to take on and master. With so many avenues to explore when it comes to marketing, it helps to have some general guidelines to help us get started. This episode will provide you with exactly that- with some awesome tips from a woman who specializes in Fitness Marketing! Learn how marketing in the fitness industry is a little bit different from others, and how to use this difference to hone in on your perfect market and message. This episode plays straight into Episode 18, where we talk more about specific marketing techniques that you can utilize in your growth.




FCM Episode 017 Show Notes

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• Questions you must be able to answer before even starting marketing

• The difference between mere “communication” and true “connection”

• How to avoid that “sleazy” feeling when it’s time to make a sale





Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. It’s natural to feel “who will want to listen to me” or “who would want to buy from me?” when starting out.

2. Marketing for the fitness industry is MUCH more emotional than marketing in other industries.

3. The #1 question, the foundation of everything: “Who is my ideal customer?” “Who am I trying to reach?” “What would their name be? What are they thinking when they go into their closet? When the wonder what to eat in the kitchen?” Get into their minds.

4. Get in touch with your existing customers to learn even more about who they are and what they want and need!

5. Keep in mind that social media is constantly changing- you can’t control that, but you can control who you reach via your email list.

6. Keep in mind you’re talking to your best customers differently compared to the ones that are just “there”.

7. Get in the habit of constantly talking to your people- your clients, your members, your following, your audience, etc. so you learn what they want in their words not yours.

8. The goal is to get people to say “I felt like you were talking to me”

9. There is a difference between merely communicating and connecting.

10. Try to separate your big list into smaller groups that you can send targeted messages to, so you’re truly connecting with the right people.

11. A great way to connect is to tell a story. Start with the story of your “WHY”. Tell the story of why you’re doing this. People want to know, and they want to hear, “wow, you’re just like me”

12. Try to make an online connection with people first whether you own a brick and mortar business or an online business. It’s a great threatening way to connect to people.

13. For 85% of people can sometimes take up to 18 months for them to decide they want to work with you.

14. Don’t want to feel “sleazy”? Remember, it’s your responsibility to ask for people to follow you or join you. If you truly have something good to offer that will help people, think about how you would sell that to your mom, or someone close to you.

15. Make choices easy for people when asking for something. Give them three logical possible next steps.

16. Persuasive “copy” that you write for marketing is not the same as your college English essay writing style!

17. Don’t use the phrase “You guys” or “Everyone”. You’re writing to one person- the person reading, so don’t use those phrases. Say “You” or their name if possible.

18. Mastering marketing doesn’t happen all at once! Learn something new, improve upon something every time.


Other References in This Episode:

Debra’s Book: Fitness Marketing Mastery

Flipping Fifty


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