Episode 128: Business Planning for the Post-COVID Period with Billy Polson

in this episode:

Billy Polson

Founder: DIAKADI Fitness & The Business Movement



In today’s episode, we brought back Billy Polson, who we’ve had on the show twice before because on his incredible actionable insights and tips into running a business- and he is a pro, having not only run DIAKADI fitness in San Francisco for 16 years, but winning best gym/ trainers for all but one of those years.

Despite so much success, Billy was hit hard by the impact of the COVID related shutdown, and he shares some of the struggles and emotions that he’s faced as a result, that I think you will certainly be able to relate to. But he also shares how after one of his lowest moments, when hearing that the shutdown for small studios was going to continue for another two months, grieved the news, but then rose to the occasion in a very unique way to form a coalition with other studios (even competitors) in his community to petition their case to the local government to open earlier with other small businesses. He also shares insights into reopening that he recommends, and learned while having conversations with other studios in his coalition.

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