Episode 126: Navigating Uncertainty and Managing Mental Health with Bianca Rodriguez

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Bianca L. Rodriguez





Throughout quarantine, we’ve been so focused on our safety and physical health, and the health of our businesses, that our mental health has most likely taken a bit of a back seat. You might now find yourself struggling with feelings of inadequacy from not being able to handle or produce as much as you used to. Or perhaps you’re completely overwhelmed and anxious over not knowing where to direct your focus- which only causes further paralysis and overwhelm. Maybe you’re just feeling burnt out and unmotivated altogether … or some strange cocktail of all of the above.

If we’re going to show up to give the gift of fitness and serve our communities, then we have to be sure that we fill ourselves up first, and that’s exactly what this episode is designed to help you do. Once you learn a few tools to help you manage your mental health and navigate uncertainty – perhaps you can find a way to help your clients do the same, because we are all in this together.


(52:00) Be conscious of how you re-engage life as you move out of COVID

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