Episode 125: How to Go From OK to Masterful on Camera with Mason Bendewald

in this episode:

Mason Bendewald

Elite On-Camera Talent Coach



What does the Food Network (the 24 television channel that teaches you recipes and how to cook) have in common with your online workout videos? As it turns out, a lot! People don’t tune into the Food Network to watch cooks make food. It’s the amazing personalities that the hosts have that make you feel like they’re there in your kitchen- telling you a story about they learned their years ago from their grandmother.

It’s really no different with your online workouts. Shouting numbers to the camera from across the room​ as you count down lunge reps isn’t enough to keep people engaged, truly enjoy your workout, and want to come back again.

In this podcast episode you’ll learn how to go from being just ok to masterful on camera- and spoiler alert– it has nothing to do with the push-up, the squat, or the Russian twist. That’s the equivalent of the recipe that you can find anywhere online. You’ll learn about how it’s the delivery that makes the difference, and what you can begin to change today to make people fall in love with your workouts on camera.

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