Episode 118: How to Ensure an Exceptional Client Experience with Shannon Tracey of Mariana Tek

in this episode:

Shannon Tracey

VP of Business Development: MarianaTek




(12:00) What are some commonly overlooked elements to an amazing client experience?

It’s really important to treat someone coming in for their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time just like you would someone coming in for the first time. Just because someone has been before, there is still a learning curve to mastering the modality. Many are intimidating, or not something that you can pick up after one workout! They may not have found the instructor that resonates with them yet.

In Mariana Tek, you can see how often clients go to each instructors’ class.


(14:30) An interesting stat regarding conversion

Most people define conversion as when someone comes to the studio and purchases a package. It’s about providing an amazing experience and classes to people so that they see the value. What is interesting is that Mariana Tek has noticed that it’s around the 3rd or 4th class when most people download the app (so they can continue to book classes- they’re committing!) 


(17:00) A note on first timers…

As an experienced first timer, Shannon often finds that the first question she gets asked is whether she’s taken that type of class before. However, if she answers yes, often the conversation ends there. They assume that she knows what she’s doing. It’s good to know that your first timers have been on that piece of equipment before but it’s also a great opportunity to keep the conversation going and follow up with questions that will help them understand how much experience they have, what studios they’ve been to in the past, and also share some insights into what makes their studio special.


(18:45) Think about the entire customer experience end to end

This goes well beyond what happens in the studio. Ask yourself- how easy are you making it on your website for people to book a class? Do you have all the info that a first timer would want to know? Often Shannon finds it’s hard to find a studio’s address on the website! Don’t overlook the amount of time that a client spends engaging with your brand outside of the studio! At Mariana, they recognize this, and do everything they can to meet or exceed what the studio is already doing. Often the hardest part is getting people into the studio!

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