Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes- Our Top 14 Moments from Fitness Career Mastery

in this episode:

Barry & Shay

Your Hosts

We are so proud of you and so grateful that you continue to tune in week after week, and take time out of your busy schedule to join us and our community of actions takers who are committed to excellence, continued growth and leveling up our industry as whole.

It has been so gratifying, rewarding, and humbling to hear your stories of success and how you’ve been able to elevate your career, and as a result, the lives of your clients. In this episode, we go back in time to some of our most favorite moments on Fitness Career Mastery.

FCM Episode 100 Show Notes

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

CLIP 1: (01:50)

FCM 004: How to Develop a “Persona” with Shay Kostabi

CLIP 2: (06:40)

FCM 029: 5 Things Fitness & Yoga Teachers Must Do to Maximize Their Impact with Kimberly Spreen-Glick

CLIP 3: (09:40)

FCM 035: Why You Should Coach for EFFORT with Jared Stein

CLIP 4: (14:00)

FCM 037: Finding Your Voice in the Fitness Industry with Xavier Quimbo

CLIP 5: (20:20)

FCM 044: Become the Leader in Your Market (Pt. 2) with Billy Polson

CLIP 6: (27:00)

FCM 045: Captivating the Room (Pt. 1) The Psychology Behind Using Your Voice with Tracy Goodwin

CLIP 7: (37:00)

Episode 047: Getting Clear on Your Vision, Making Money, and Avoiding Burnout with Elle Kealy

CLIP 8: (42:20)

FCM 061: The #1 Factor That Determines Your Growth in Fitness with Shay Kostabi

CLIP 9: (47:20)

FCM 069: Lessons in Increasing Your Retention Rate with Dr. Paul Bedford- The Retention Guru

CLIP 10: (51:45)

FCM077: The Top 5 Ways to Level Up in the Fitness Industry with Dane Robinson

CLIP 11: (56:00)

FCM083: Dialing up the Emotional Experience in Your Class or Studio with Emma Barry

CLIP 12: (1:01:00)

FCM085: Learn the Three Essential Elements of an Ideal Business with Pat Rigsby

CLIP 13: (1:04:30)

FCM089: How to Develop Your Talent, & Why Being Entertaining Is Actually More Important That the Workout with Mason Bendewald

CLIP 14: (1:08:00)

FCM092: 12 Top Tips from a Professional Class Reviewer for a Five-Star Client Experience with Kaitlin McCabe (Part 1)

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