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Fitness Career Mastery is a resource run by me, Barry Ennis. When I was in the middle of a teacher training of new indoor cycling instructors in Beijing, I realized a lot of the questions they had for me were about things that I honestly had thought of as obvious, or after ten years of teaching, just seemed natural to me. It then occurred to me that if these trainees had these questions, then there are therefore many more fitness instructors out there that have the same questions that I can share my knowledge with. So the Fitness Career Mastery podcast was born.

So who am I? How do I know about this stuff?
Read my personal story below.

Well, I’m a fitness professional in my early 30s, who nearly a decade ago made one decision that completely changed the course of my life. After my second yoga teacher training in 2010 I decided that I needed to learn more about the yoga philosophy that I was taught, and two months later I had sold my things and moved to small ashram in the mountains of India, east of Mumbai called the Vedanta Academy.

After studying there for several months, I decided to continue my adventure and take a job opportunity, just a two hour flight away, but an entire world away culturally- Dubai. I wound up living in Dubai for four years, and I gained a ton of professional and life experience there.

Professionally, opportunities exploded. I co-ran a beach bootcamp, which I developed a flexibility training program for. I taught yoga and helped lead a yoga teacher training. I entered the world of modeling, where I gained some great insight into that industry.

Most notably, I helped open, manage, and taught at the first international Flywheel Sports studio- a popular brand from New York. I produced events, ran the front desk, recruited instructors, did instructor training, held workshops, managed our team of cycling instructors, trained for and taught barre classes, and taught cycling classes as well.

After leaving Flywheel to move back home to Los Angeles, opportunities in LA and around the world kept coming. I found myself consulting for other emerging brands, taking jobs like instructor recruiting, writing manuals, and designing classes. I taught workshops around the world, and classes ranging from cycling, to yoga, to HIIT, to personal training.

I continued to do sports modeling, taking jobs for print and also video workouts. I even experimented with starting my own YouTube channel and online business.

And that takes us to current day. Since August of 2016, I’ve been living in Beijing and Shanghai consulting for a brand called SpaceCycle. SpaceCycle is heavily invested in the development of their instructors- which I LOVE, and so I’ve been doing a lot of the following: developing brand systems and protocols, helping write copy for class descriptions and company language, recruiting instructors, training instructors, teaching continuing education workshops, managing the cycling program across three cities, on top of teaching cycling, teaching yoga and sculpt yoga.

It’s been an incredibly fulfilling and exciting ride, and I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.

If you want to hear more about my story, you can listen to my very first podcast episode here:

Why I do what I do. Hint - It's not for money or for fame.

I’m motivated by seeing people inspired to change themselves for the better. For my clients, it’s seeing them discover strength and confidence in themselves- fearlessness and an attitude of “yes I can”. For my trainees, it’s watching them grow into incredible instructors where they can begin to experience the same as they begin to change people’s lives.

For you, it’s to hear that you learned something that helped you become more effective as a trainer; helped you run your business more successfully, which allowed your voice and vision to reach more people; helped you gain confidence to get started in the fitness industry- taking that exam, or teaching your first class. It’s to give you all the skills that I’ve learned, and to share the skills of others- because this industry is all about what we can give.