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Hi, We're Barry & Shay!

Our vision, our dream, through Fitness Career Mastery is to elevate the industry as a whole, and create a world where the Fitness Entrepreneur is taken seriously and valued by both professionals and its consumers. We strive to provide a pathway to become a better human through purpose and action. So that we can all have a deeper impact on our clients, so they, in turn, can become better humans. We believe, if we can raise the standards and take better care of ourselves, we can take better care of each other and our environment. We also believe this is the key for our community to become wildly successful in their careers.

We host a podcast, but also provide consulting services, instructor training, live continuing education workshops, online courses, and 1 on 1 trainingn.

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We’ve created a place where all of our Community members can interact and learn from me, from my guests, and especially from each other. Join this group with other like-minded action-takers like yourself. Learn from people that are just a few steps ahead of you and can help you on your way, or get inspired by those who have found massive success. And… it’s free. Why not join RIGHT NOW to make sure you can be helped and held accountable as you continue to take action towards your goals?